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"The Davisios" Comedy Series

"The Davisios" is a new family sitcom that takes on cancel culture, education, politics, race, identity, income inequality and much more. The show focuses on the life of an upcoming social comedian named Felipe Davisio, who is also a husband and father; and how he is able to balance the life of a social media comedian and family man. The show intends to provide not only entertainment but an educational value to those who watch the show, as the shows' subject matter will give viewers many different perspectives to discuss with their own families. The show has a rating of PG, so it can be watched and enjoyed by people of all ages. The show will be entirely filmed and produced in WNY; which will help provide several paid production jobs to those from the WNY community. The show will also give advertising opportunities to small and other local businesses via video commercial spots during the series, continuing to give business more exposure to potential customers and clients throughout the world, as the series will stream on multiple platforms including but not limited to: SkoVu TV, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc. We hope you can help us bring this series to life by making a donation today. We thank you for your support!

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